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In recent months, we have been seeing reports about increased levels of heavy metals in CBD, and particularly in CBD vape oils. According to this post that Leafly published in January, CBD lab results from California are increasingly showing that a number of CBD cartomizers are continuously testing as positive for cadmium, lead, arsenic, and mercury. These toxic metals are definitely not something that you want to inhale or ingest on a regular basis as they can cause serious health problems. 

High Contents Of Heavy Metals In CBD Oil - What The Heck Is Happening?

CBD has been heavily marketed as a panacea for all sorts of ailments and symptoms in the last couple of years. And, while we at The Kind Kart agree that CBD has enormous potential, we also feel the need to warn our customers that not all CBD is created equal. Quality CBD oil can be used to ease the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression, and studies are underway that will most likely prove (beyond a shred of doubt) that this magical compound has pain-relieving properties, and can be used to fight numerous diseases, including various tumors. None of this will happen if you’re not using a quality product, though, either by refusing to buy from quality manufacturers, or being duped by the unscrupulous ones.

Ever since it became a lucrative business opportunity, CBD in all its derivatives has been targeted by shady marketers and businessmen. More often than not, they do not follow the rigorous safety procedures that we adhere to for our products, which is why the resulting CBD pills, oils, tinctures, and powders often fail their lab tests when they are screened for toxic heavy metals and pesticides.

Here at Kind Kart, our only concern is the well-being and health of our customers. Everything we do is aimed at providing you with high-quality, safe CBD products that are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants

Before we get into how it’s even possible for heavy metals and CBD to be mentioned in the same sentence, let’s take a closer look at why these metals are so dangerous in the first place.

What Are Heavy Metals & Why Do They Pose A Health Hazard?

Heavy metals are generally defined as metals with high densities, atomic weights, or atomic numbers. However, there is no one definition as to what makes a metal a “heavy metal”. Definitions differ depending on whether we’re discussing it in geology, chemistry, biology, or physics terms. Some definitions allow us to count up to 82 different elements that can be classified as heavy metals. With others, we’re left with less than half that number.

However, there are 4 heavy metals that are of particular interest to us when we talk about CBD oils - cadmium, lead, arsenic, and mercury. That’s because they are not only the ones that we encounter most frequently but they are also extremely toxic and harmful to human health.

Heavy metal poisoning by any of these four elements can result in shared symptoms, such as:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Chills
  • Weakness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Diarrhea

As you can see, none of these are very pleasant, and you wouldn’t want to suffer through them on a continuous basis. You especially wouldn’t want it as a result of taking CBD oil which is supposed to relieve your symptoms and help you get better. Additionally, poisoning with each of these comes with a set of very specific symptoms that range from mild to extreme.

Arsenic Poisoning Symptoms:

  • red or swollen skin
  • skin changes, such as new warts or lesions
  • abnormal heart rhythm
  • muscle cramps
  • tingling of fingers and toes
  • darkening skin
  • constant sore throat
  • persistent digestive issues

Cadmium Poisoning Symptoms:

  • fever
  • breathing problems
  • muscle pain

Lead Poisoning Symptoms: 

  • aggressive behavior
  • constipation
  • sleep problems
  • irritability
  • loss of developmental skills in children
  • loss of appetite
  • fatigue
  • high blood pressure
  • numbness or tingling in the extremities
  • memory loss
  • anemia
  • kidney dysfunction

Mercury Poisoning Symptoms:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • irritability
  • memory problems
  • numbness
  • pathologic shyness
  • tremors
  • hearing and speech difficulties
  • lack of coordination
  • muscle weakness
  • nerve loss in hands and face
  • trouble walking
  • vision changes

As you can see, specific symptoms of poisoning with any of these heavy metals are numerous and quite different. Their presence can easily be misdiagnosed. If you have any of them (and especially if you’re noticing two or more), and you’re using CBD, make sure to tell that to your doctor. Although serious symptoms are improbable without long and heavy exposure, you would be smart to vet your CBD supplier, and to check whether or not they’ve made their lab results public. If they can’t provide you with them, we advise caution - most likely, the results are not in compliance with the set limits, and the products are not safe for use!

How Do Heavy Metals Get Into CBD Oils?

To a lay person, the presence of toxic heavy metals in CBD oils and other CBD products can seem baffling. However, professionals know that there are many different ways through which this cross-contamination can occur. Here are two different scenarios that are most common:

  • There are traces of these metals in vape batteries, tanks, or other containers that are in direct contact with CBD - sometimes, manufacturers will use materials that contain trace amounts of heavy metals (lead in particular), and those can seep into the CBD. This is especially true if you’re using CBD oil for vaping and the tank/cartomizer is compromised. Since the CBD oil sits inside a tank/cartomizer for a long time, it’s only logical that it will pick up elements that it’s in contact with.
  • CBD source (hemp) can be contaminated with heavy metals - hemp, as well as other cannabis plants, is a powerful phyto-remediant. What this means is that it’s uncommonly good at picking up soil pollutants such as heavy metals. When planted in a soil that’s rich in heavy metals, the plant will absorb them and store them in the stem and the leaves. Of course, once CBD is extracted from that plant so are any pollutants that share the host plant with it.

    Additionally, many fertilizers and pesticides contain heavy metals. When farmers treat their plants to prevent crop disease, they often inadvertently introduce heavy metals into the air and the soil, further bringing down the quality of the future CBD oil made from those plants.

By far the most common source of CBD heavy metal contamination is scenario number two. Hemp farmers usually don’t even know how polluted their soil is, and it’s up to CBD manufacturers to test all the hemp they source from the fields. Hemp can indeed absorb a lot of pollutants and become very dangerous to human health - it’s so efficient at the extraction of soil pollutants that it’s used to clean up the soil in Chernobyl, where a nuclear reactor exploded in 1986, creating a huge global crisis and making a big chunk of the region uninhabitable to this day.

The fact that hemp farmers market and sell a raw ingredient that’s not up to industry standards is not surprising. And, with the recent boom of hemp acreage in the United States, we can safely assume that not even all domestic hemp is safe for CBD production. That said, most hemp (and, by extension, CBD oil) that contains high levels of toxic heavy metals can be traced overseas, mostly being imported from China. Our CBD oil can be traced to the state of Colorado, the largest producer of hemp in the United States.

What We Do To Minimize (& Eliminate) Heavy Metals Content In Our CBD Oil

At Kind Kart, we work with local manufacturers who hold certificates and lab tests from 3rd party labs detailing the chemical contents of their crop. We make sure that our source material does not contain dangerous levels of pesticides and herbicides, and that its heavy metal contents are within permissible levels (though we take great pains in trying to completely eliminate all traces of these toxic compounds).

Of course, we do not rely solely on the information provided to us by the growers and the manufacturers. Every batch of our full spectrum CBD cartridges is randomly tested by an independent 3rd party lab, where cutting edge processes and technologies are used to determine everything - from chemical composition and CBD levels to heavy metal and pesticide pollution. Only those batches that pass these tests with flying colors are ever deemed good enough to be sent to our customers.

CBD Oil & Heavy Metals Contents - Vape Safely With The Kind Kart

If you’re concerned about the heavy metals contents in your CBD, it’s time to take a close look at what you’re vaping. This is especially true if you have any of the heavy metals poisoning symptoms listed in this post - heavy metals not only have an adverse effect on your health but they also limit the effectiveness and the healing power of CBD.

Instead of wasting money on CBD products of questionable quality, why not try The Kind Kart CBD cartridges? Our 510 thread cartridge fits perfectly on most standard vape devices, which means that you don’t have to spend money to buy a cartridge-specific device! Use it with any 510-thread vape pen and be good to go in a matter of minutes!

If you have any questions about The Kind Kart, or CBD cartridge, or our testing processes, feel free to get in touch with us through email or phone - our support staff is always happy to help!




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