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You like the Kind Kart’s full spectrum CBD vape oil so much that you’ve gone and ordered a full box and now you’re worried if it’s going to keep? Don’t worry - we’ve put a lot of thought into creating a product that lasts so you’ll probably vape it all before it has the chance to go rancid on you. However, to be on the safe side, we’ll share a couple of tricks with you on how to properly store CBD oil! 

Should you refrigerate your CBD vape oil? 

Maybe vacuum-seal it? 

Or submerge it in a bucket of icy water?

Well, you’ll just have to read on to find out, won’t you!?

Can CBD Oil Even Go Bad? 

Believe it or not, CBD oil can go bad.

Much like any other oil, CBD oil can turn rancid. When oil goes rancid, it means that it has passed its “best by” date. And that shows. As the molecules in oil start to break down, that decomposition begins to affect the smell and the taste of it.

CBD in its pure, isolate form does not go bad, however. In that respect, it’s similar to salt or any other seasoning, in that it will keep for a long time without degrading. Its effects might diminish as time passes, which is something that you need to take into account. However, this all changes once you mix CBD with a carrier oil, which is the standard (but not ours) practice when making CBD vapable.

CBD oil - much like all other oils - has an expiration date. That’s why it’s best to use it while it’s still fresh and within the “best by” date that’s printed on the label. If your CBD vape oil doesn’t have the “best by” date clearly marked on the packaging, you should consider switching brands, as you have no idea if the product that you’re using safe.

There are several ways to recognize if your CBD vape oil has gone bad. While it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that it’s okay to use if it’s within the “best by” date that’s on the label, there’s no harm in doing a few quick tests to confirm that, especially if you’ve been saving that oil for some time.


  • The CBD oil changes color - CBD oil has a consistent color that will vary between translucent to slightly yellow, depending on the carrier oil that’s used. If you notice that the oil is changing color (becoming darker), that’s a sign that the molecules have started to degrade. Soon, the CBD inside it will be less potent.
  • The oil starts to separate - every type of solution, if properly mixed, should have a consistent texture. If you start noticing separation, your CBD oil is well on its way to turning sour on you.
  • There's a thick residue in the bottle - depending on the additives in the oil, you will start noticing a bit of residue inside the bottle as your CBD oil starts to expire.
  • The oil starts to smell differently - the good old smell test is a reliable way to determine whether your CBD oil is going bad. If it starts to smell like wine or wet crayon, dispose of it.


  • The taste is off - sometimes, there’s no other way to test your oil but to take a few puffs of it. When it starts to taste different from what it did when you purchased your batch, stop using it.

Most CBD oils will last anywhere between 14 and 24 months, depending on the ingredients and the storage regime. If you’re buying in bulk, make sure that you can use up your supply in that timeframe. For CBD oils with additives, assume the lower end of the spectrum - try to use them within 12 months because terpenes and flavorings tend to degrade faster than oils and CBD.

A Quick Word on the Kind Kart CBD Vape Oil

As you already know, your favorite CBD oil - the one manufactured by the Kind Kart - is created a bit differently than other oils.

While other manufacturers infuse base oils, such as MCT, vegetable glycerin, or olive oil, with CBD and terpenes, we use a hemp distillate to manufacture the CBD vape oil that you have come to love.

A distillate is a hemp extract that has been stripped of all the material that we don’t want in there, but which has kept the targeted cannabinoids and terpenes. To this distillate, we add our formulation of CBD to get the desired potency (although there’s plant CBD already in there), as well as additional 4% of terpenes and 36% of bisabolol, which is extracted from the chamomile plant.

The Kind Kart’s CBD vape oil is specific in that it is very potent. It will keep that potency for up to a year, without it diminishing whatsoever. However, because of the added terpenes content, we advise our customers to use up their supply by the “best by” date” indicated on the packaging. After that date, the plant’s natural compounds will start to degrade, and you will not get the same benefits as if you were vaping on a fresh product! Normally, the Kind Kart CBD oil does not expire for 12 full months after they have been bottled and sealed in a cartridge.

Is Vaping on Expired CBD Oil Dangerous?

You might be thinking to yourself:

“Weeeell...this CBD oil smells a bit fishy but where’s the harm in vaping it? Where’s the sense in throwing it out when I paid good money for it?”

You’re right - if you’re vaping on it just that one time.

Rancid oils - including rancid CBD oils - are not immediately detrimental to your health. There’s no danger that you’ll be sick if vaping on them. Or, at least, as sick as you would be had you eaten a piece of meat that’s gone bad.

However, rancid oils, when breaking down, can morph into trans fats, which are definitely not good for you. One more thing - they are a source of free radicals. Free radicals are elements that are known to cause many diseases, from cancer to various types of genetic damage that can potentially result in illness.

If you’ve vaped on expired CBD oil, don’t beat yourself up about it. You will be fine as long as you don’t make a habit of doing that. That’s why it’s important to purchase CBD oils from a trusted supplier on a regular basis, check the expiration date, and not stockpile on it so much that you have boxes full of it in your house. Be sensible - buy as much as you need for a month of your CBD therapy and when you’re close to running out, order another batch!

There’s one more thing that you should be aware of, and that’s that foul smell and free radicals are not your only concern when it comes to CBD vape oil that’s passed its expiration date. An expired product will only be marginally beneficial as the one that’s fresh. As CBD ages (especially when it’s mixed with based oils), it starts to lose its properties. As you’re taking CBD exclusively because of what it can do to improve your health and symptoms management, you can see how there’s no real point in vaping on something that doesn’t have those benefits.

Here’s How to Properly Store Your CBD Vape Oil

To extend the shelf-life of your CBD vape oil - whatever brand you might be using - to its maximum, there are things that you can do. While we advocate for the use of a fresh product, we understand that, sometimes, there are valid reasons for keeping large quantities of it near at hand.

These tips will help you ensure that the CBD oil that you’re storing keeps its healing properties for the longest possible time (sometimes up to 24 months, depending on the oil that you’re using):


  • Avoid exposing CBD to direct sunlight - all oils react badly to light, especially sunlight. You should pick a dark place, like a drawer or a cabinet, for storage so there’s a minimal risk that the oil will be exposed to light for long periods of time. You can also wrap aluminum foil around your CBD or keep it in a dark-tinted bottle, just in case.
  • Store away from a heat source -  wherever you store your CBD oil, make sure that it’s cool or, preferably, cold. Cabinets in the kitchen are not a good choice, especially if you have any appliances in there that can raise the temperature. Cellars and basements are a safe bet here.
  • Avoid exposure to moisture - high surrounding moisture content can also cause your CBD vape oil to spoil faster than intended. Basically, moisture and oil undergo a process called hydrolysis, during which CBD molecules are broken down into component parts that no longer have the same beneficial properties. To avoid this, make sure that you tightly seal your CBD before storing it, preferably in a vacuum bag.
  • Consider keeping your CBD vape oil in the fridge - the best advice that we can give you is to keep all your extra CBD oil (which you do not intend to vape in the next couple of weeks) in the refrigerator. You can even freeze it if you want it to keep for a couple of months or more.


Keep Vaping on CBD (But Always Stay Safe)

Rancid CBD vape oil doesn’t seem like a big deal but we urge you to stay safe when using it as a therapeutic device. With the recent spate of lung illnesses connected to black market THC cartridges in the US, it’s better to err on the side of caution.

To learn more about the benefits of CBD vaping, check out our post covering all the frequently asked questions about CBD. If you have any other concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our support staff - they’ll happily help you make the right choice when it comes to finding your favorite Kind Kart flavor and dosage!


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